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    Products Buy or DIY love because they're unique, stylish, affordable, Australian made, or something else that makes it a BUY instead of a DIY!!  Check out our INSTAGRAM for all the latest finds....

    Here's a few of my favourites....I'd love you to share yours with me on insta or contact:)


    Rebecca Kate 'Rainy Day Sundays' Print from $34!



    Buy or DIY recommends Avah Luxe

     Avah Luxe body scrubs $25 - and the squidgy bottle is so relaxing to use like a stress ball!!


     Buy or DIY recommend Fern Siebler

     A master when it comes to beautiful colour and texture combinations, local artist, Fern Siebler, is one of Buy or DIY's absolute favourites.  This original beauty is on sale for $90 right now too!


     Buy or DIY signature Michelle xox