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    Why buy when you can DIY? 

    Why DIY when you can buy? 

    I think both questions are totally valid, but sometimes I find one is a WAY better option than the other!  My issue has always been figuring out which applies to the countless projects I consider before I commit!

    Before you try any of my projects, you might be wondering about what led me to start Buy or DIY.  I’ve trained in business, floristry and science (in that order!!) and love using my creativity and critical thinking in equal measures.  Buy or DIY projects are all structured like mini science experiments, so I can share my experiences in a way that will hopefully help you decide whether you should buy or DIY if you’re weighing up the options yourself.

    A few points in brief…

    • I’m a normal person…my house is almost always messy…so is my car…and my hair!...there’s always washing I need to do….I juggle being a mum with my partner to three little girls, so I consider my time a valuable commodity which is why I consider it a ‘cost’ when working out whether to buy or DIY.
    • I love having a go at things - even when they don’t quite work out!!
    • I’m convinced we doubt our abilities and think we can’t do so many things we absolutely can do! I often feel cynical of things that seem too easy (pretty much every online ‘how-to’ sends me off to purchase things retail rather than risk my DIY being the next ‘expectation vs reality’ meme!!)  So, I absolutely PROMISE I will be honest in what I share, even if it’s a complete failure.
    • On the flip side…sometimes I think I look at products and think it looks so easy to make. It’s not until I try that I realise I underestimated what goes into making it.  I know some people will think my attempts to make things available for purchase means I don’t respect the creatives who have designed them, but that’s honestly not true.  I like challenging myself, and even though DIYing can cost more than purchasing retail, it means so much more when you’ve made it yourself.  If I like something enough to have a go at making it, please take that as a compliment.  There are countless times (like my recent attempt at a unicorn ice-cream cake), that I finish my DIY and have SO MUCH MORE respect for the makers than I did before and purchase retail from that point onwards.
    • I LOVE the challenge of finding materials to use…whether it’s online or out and about, I’m always looking for things I can repurpose for my DIY projects. I want to share my suppliers with you so you can recreate my projects yourself. 
    • I would also LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear any project ideas you have for me. I don’t mind if it’s home décor, party, food, home renovation…I want to do projects you’re all interested in!
    • If there’s one thing I’d like to get out of this, it’s to have a little community of like-minded creators that can support and inspire each other. You don’t have to have the same style or be any more or less OCD about the things I am….you just have to like having a crack at making instead of buying the finished product once in a while.

    I’m sure I’ll have more to add to this in time…just wanted to put a few thoughts out there before I even start making anything😊


    Hope to chat with you soon,